Thursday, October 12, 2006


This Divine Element LOVE

The Art of Teaching is the art of assisting Discovery.
~Mark Van Doren
Wheatley I agree really resinated the spirit of a living changing community, and not to fear charge or disruption. I loved the understanding about greeting differences in others and the ideas of management, growth and re structure.
I see our school as this liquid ball spinning and growing and all of us, our colleagues keep the ball from dropping none of us able to stop it, or hold it and it continually spins, unfolds and grows.
I found this quote from Steiner "Theosophy" and for me, it really gives my calling to teaching meaning. Lifes so short I feel one must feel worth and value in a life and the greatest gift, being part of a loved community. Thank you, for your Love, Support and Fun .
As human beings, we call the highest things we can look up to the "Divine," and we must imagine that our highest aim and calling have something to do with this divine element.
~ Rudolf Steiner

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