Friday, March 02, 2007

With the spectre of a national election haunting the collective Australian psyche it was interesting to read Judith Wheeldon's article in the WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN 3-4 th of March, 2007. The title of the article sums up our collective dilemma: Labor the lesser evil. Are we only offered to choose or make the best of a bad situation? Wheeldons assertions regarding the inherent dangers of a National Curriculum (especially one based on narrow short term thinking) is at best divisive, costly and erosive of intellectual diversity on a national level.
Whilst I feel that standardization of marks whether it be on a personal level or a national level has merit these indicators are just that and nothing more . They are a general guide of a direction tendency or outcome and they are only accurate as these if the sum of the wisdom of the parts of the intent, scope, outcomes and diversity of the tests for the marks that are being standardized.

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