Wednesday, October 11, 2006




Fellow teachers,
We have embarked upon a noble quest
We need to be firm in our resolve to work together
To articulate our vision, to dare to love.

There is an urgency in the air
The world is crying out for a new way of seeing
For a new reality on which to base our hopes and dreams.
We have lost our way as a culture and we know this.
The old ways of doing things does not work anymore
We no longer want to be part of a world that preys on our fears
We do not want our children to inherit a world
In which they carry the burden of our lack of courage.

There is much work to be done.
Firstly on a personal level to open our hearts, to be brave, to be authentic
And secondly on a professional level to sow the seeds of higher order learning
in our students so that they can develop the necessary skills
To analyse, evaluate and create empowered lives for themselves
And enable them to flower into strong, confident and creative individuals who will facilitate change through living fulfilling lives.

We can achieve this through providing a safe, secure place
where they feel a sense of belonging and feel loved and valued
And to develop the personal sense of power and to recognise that freedom is the handmaiden of responsibility to refine the attributes of thinking, feeling and willpower with a sense of fun and adventure.
We need to support students to support each other in their endeavours
And to recognize and work with the different intelligences inherent in every one
And to view these as assets both inside and outside the classroom.
We need to offer positive and timely feedback regarding our students work
To provide the very best quality instruction whilst facilitating appropriate challenges
And promote effective classroom interaction.

The road is long and hard. There are no shortcuts
We want to connect with each other in ways that are meaningful
We want to commit to each other in ways that empower all
Not only on a national level
And not only on a personal level
But on a soul level.

So let us begin. Let us embark upon our quest
Let our creativity become our journey and our goal
And enthusiasm and passion the path by which we achieve this
And let love be the map of the heart that will guide us.

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