Wednesday, October 11, 2006



Oct. 1. 2006.

Just a little prayer for us struggling teachers on the road to becoming experts.

May I be brave enough to embrace a new world view as
Espoused by Margaret Wheatley.
May I develop the wisdom of recognising Gardners Nine Intelligences
In my students.
May I gain true insight in teaching Glasser’s six basic needs of Survival;
Power, Love, Belonging, Freedom and Fun.
May I have the strength and courage to incorporate Hatties guide for expert teachers
Into every class, every day.
May I develop awareness of the full scope of the Constructivist approach
To education.
And may I develop the selflessness to recognise that students need to be encouraged to be creative in their approach to their own education and
Empowered in making decisions in relation to their lives.

Alleluia Brother! what a great prayer I love it as a post mate
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