Thursday, June 22, 2006



What is Distributed Learning? According to Bowman(1995), Distributive Learning is an “instructional model that allows instructor, students and content to be located in different non centralized locations so that instruction and learning occur independent of time and place. Distributed resources open up opportunities because it shifts the focus to environments where learners have access to content, experts (the teacher and beyond), peers and services that are independent of time and place and utilize a variety of approaches to achieve this.”
“In a Distributive Learning environment;
- learners have greater control over how, when and where their learning occurs
- assume an increased responsibility for their own learning.
- Learners are no longer passive receptacles of information and knowledge.
- Teachers gain greater ability to organise and design environments
- Maximize learning opportunities
- More freedom to experiment

In my current H.S.C. Design and Technology classes I endeavour to continually expand the Distributed Learning Environment to facilitate the research, planning, realization and evaluation of their major design project.

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